Uptown YWCA completes extensive renovations

The Uptown YWCA is celebrating the completion of its six-month long renovation projects this week.

The renovations, which were geared toward updating the facility and making it more environmentally friendly, focused on everything from improving air quality in the building to using recycled materials for benches and lockers, according to a YWCA press release.
“The Uptown location has been hugely successful, so the facilities needed to keep up,” said Sue Duoos, General Manager of the Uptown YWCA, in an interview. “We chose to be as efficient as possible in our renovations.”

Duoos said the two biggest features of the renovation are the new lighting and the new heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, HVAC.

The lighting setup now includes sensors to decrease electricity usage, and “is brighter more natural, and has less dark spots,” Duoos said.

She also said that the HVAC ventilation system “is not only more energy efficient, but it also creates a better air quality in the building.”

The push to go green in the renovations came from the staff and membership base in Uptown, Duoos said. She said they also learned from recently constructing the midtown location how to make their facility more efficient and environmentally safe.

“We were really looking to make this last long-term, so we focused more on the environmental aspects,” she said.

Duoos said the YWCA worked with a construction group called Ryan Companies, who focuses on environmental construction and materials.

Other additions to the Uptown site include a fitness space that has nearly doubled in size, a new ultraviolet purification system in the pool, and more bike racks to encourage other modes of transportation.

The YWCA will be hosting an open house the weekend of February 14-15 where people can tour the newly updated spaces and receive free weekend passes for fitness classes. YWCA members are also invited to attend party on February 12 from 5 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. at the YWCA to celebrate the completion of the projects.