Neighborhood notebook

Rethinking a capital project

BRYN MAWR — A proposed neighborhood capital project hit some snags in Bryn Mawr.

After learning it may not be able to implement planned improvements to the neighborhood’s small business district, the Bryn Mawr Neighborhood Association (BMNA) Board of Directors discussed alternate plans for its annual capital project. Proposed improvements included banners and a mural, but early indications were that the improvements would be too expensive or difficult to carry out.

Several board members said they would continue to explore options for the downtown beautification project. Alternately, the board may choose a project that aims to reduce the impact of the emerald ash borer on the neighborhood’s urban forest.

Wireless installation endorsed, rental project criticized

EAST ISLES —The East Isles Residents Association (EIRA) Board of Directors followed their neighbor’s lead in supporting wireless internet infrastructure around Lake of the Isles.

The board passed a resolution Feb. 3 with language nearly identical to a Kenwood Isles Area Association resolution.

Committee considers repaving work oversight, joins Facebook

LOWRY HILL — City Council Member Lisa Goodman (7th Ward) asked the board to name two people willing to serve on a committee to oversee the project to repave Lake of the Isles Parkway. Goodman wants to have two people from each of the four neighborhoods closest to Lake of the Isles. The committee will review the project plans and consider any proposed road closings or detours.

Goodman’s office also plans to host a public meeting to explain the project and discuss the $406,000 assessment that will be divided amongst 124 properties on the parkway.


The Lowry Hill Neighborhood Association is now on the social networking website Facebook. Board member Brian Austin is hoping that the site will give Lowry Hill more visibility.

The board agreed to send a letter to the Park Board and the City Council stating the conditions under which it would support the installation of wireless transmitters around Lake of the Isles.

The board requested that the wireless transmitters be installed on the new historic-style light poles only and that no temporary poles be erected. Park Board President Tom Nordyke told the board at its meeting on Jan. 6 that the Park Board has ordered the poles and expects to install them in the spring.

LHNA also asked that the transmitters be painted to match to poles to make them less obtrusive and that the Park Board install historic-style lighting all the way around the lake as soon as possible.

The board wanted to make it clear to the city that it supports the completion of the wireless project and recognizes the safety benefits.