Green resources

There are all kinds of ways to get involved in local environmental groups and do your part to reduce your carbon footprint and find other ways to be greener. Here are some resources:

City of Minneapolis Sustainability (Includes lots of interesting information about the city’s efforts to become more sustainable and an overview of the Minneapolis GreenPrint, a map, compass and framework for the city based around 10 key environmental indicators to measure the city’s progress on sustainability.)

Minnesota Energy (A resource that will help you track your carbon footprint and learn ways to save money and energy in your home and business.)

EcoTuesday (A networking group for people interested in green business opportunities.)

The Youth Farm & Market (A program for youth interested in gardening, cooking and entrepreneurship.) (A Twin Cities car-sharing program.)

Do It Green! (A resource for all kinds of green tips and resources.)

Twin Cities Green (A social networking group that meets the second Wednesday of every month.)

Transit for Livable (An advocacy group working on promoting transit, walking, biking and thoughtful development in the Twin Cities.)

Community Earth (A new grassroots initiative designed to match elders and youth in neighborhoods throughout the metro and country to work on environmental and social justice projects.)

Minneapolis Solid Waste and Recycling — (Find ways to recycle more, throw away less.)

Centerpoint Energy’s Energy Saving Tips:

Sierra Club North Star (The Sierra Club is the nation’s oldest grassroots environmental organization.)

Linden Hills Power & (A Linden Hills nonprofit dedicated to reducing energy consumption in the neighborhood.)

Wedge Community Co-op — (One of the most popular local co-ops.)

Linden Hills (Neighborhood co-op that sponsors a lot of great green events.)

Hennepin County Environmental (Search for “environment” and find a host of resources on recycling, volunteer opportunities, and much more.)

Living (A Minnesota Pollution Control Agency website that has great green tips, information on upcoming community events and a good newsletter.)

Reduce (A great Minnesota Pollution Control Agency resource for finding ways to reduce garbage and waste at home and at work.)

NextStep (A calendar with information about upcoming sustainability events throughout the state.) (An events calendar for environmental education resources across the state.)

Do you have other great green resources/websites worth sharing with Southwest Journal readers? Please send them to, and we will post them.