NRP director running for mayor

Bob Miller, director of the Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) since the early 1990s, is running for mayor of Minneapolis.

An e-mail sent earlier today says Miller believes the neighborhoods and residents of Minneapolis are being ignored at the city government level and that the city’s finances need to be reexamined and more carefully managed.

Miller has been an outspoken critic of the city’s new direction with NRP, which was approved by the City Council in September. It eliminates the current NRP body — which Miller heads — and replaces it with a department that answers directly to the city coordinator.

He has said proposed future funding for the new NRP probably won’t be enough to keep the program as powerful as it’s been, leading neighbors to feel less empowered. With less power comes less interest from residents, Miller said, leading to the probable demise of NRP.

“Maybe I’m too pessimistic,” he earlier told the Southwest Journal. “But I don’t see anything that’s been done that’s led me to a different conclusion. … The reality of it is, there will be no money.”

Miller is expected to announce his candidacy at a 7 p.m. gathering Thursday at Rainbow Restaurant, 2739 Nicollet Ave.