In Fulton, five garage burglaries in two-day span

Fulton-area residents: Lock your garages.

That’s the message the city of Minneapolis has sent to neighbors in the area. According to an e-mail alert, there were four unsecured garage burglaries in a two-day span, Aug. 19–20. There also was a secured garage burglary.

All occurred between 6:45 and 11 p.m. between the 4800 and 5200 blocks of Penn Avenue South to Upton Avenue South.

For more information on how to prevent burglaries or how to get a home security survey, the city recommends contacting a crime-prevention specialist. Fulton’s is Amy Lavender, who can be reached at 673-5407 or [email protected].

Anyone with information about these crimes can call the Minneapolis Police Department’s tips line at 612-692-8477.

Police also advise residents to:

• Call 911 on suspicious activity.

• Lock doors and windows. If you leave windows open and unattended, pin them so they can’t open more than 6 inches.

• Record the make, model and serial number on all valuables, especially bicycles. If you have valuables without serial numbers, photograph the items. If you develop those photos at a store, don’t list your home address.

• Be aware of your neighbors’ typical activities and make them aware of yours; watch your neighbors’ property when they’re gone.

• Get a free home security check through the Minneapolis Police Department’s CCP/SAFE program. Call 311 to locate the SAFE staff for your block.

• Lock your car doors even when you’re in the vehicle, do not sit in the parked car.

• Do not carry excessive cash, credit cards or other items. Bring only what you need.

• Write down the numbers and contact information for all your credit/debit cards so you can call and cancel them immediately if they are taken or lost. Keep this information in a safe location.