Summer closes with rash of robberies, burglaries

Two separate spates of burglaries and a rash of aggravated robberies ended what 5th Precinct Insp. Kris Arneson called an overall “successful summer.”

Total crime at the start of September was down roughly 11 percent compared to last year at the same time, according to statistics from the Minneapolis Police Department. Violent crime, which includes homicide, rape, robbery and aggravated assault, was down about 10 percent.  

Burglaries and robberies were both down significantly for the year, while arrests for those crimes were up, Arneson said. Colder weather could further reduce some crimes, most notably burglaries, because the opportunities of open windows and doors are reduced, she said.

But a few clusters of burglaries and robberies were still popping up as the summer closed. The following incidents took place in late August and early September:

• Between Aug. 20 and 25, five homes along Hennepin Avenue from Summit Avenue to West 25th Street were burglarized. None of the entries were forced. No arrests have been made and no suspect information is available. The incidents are under investigation.

• Between Aug. 30 and 31, four aggravated robberies took place in Kingfield, Tangletown and Windom. In each of the robberies, suspects were described as two black males, age 18–30, from 5 foot 7 inches to 6 feet tall, with medium to muscular builds. The men displayed a gun in each instance and demanded personal belongings. No one was injured in any of the robberies.  

• Between Sept. 5 and 6, locks were pried off seven garage service doors in Bryn Mawr. Two bicycles and some loose change were stolen and seven of the doors were damaged. No arrests have been made and no suspect information is available. Police urged area residents to install deadbolt locks on their doors, keep outdoor lights or install motion lights.

Anyone with information about these crimes can call the Minneapolis Police Department’s tips line at 612-692-8477.

Police also advise residents to:

• Call 911 on suspicious activity.

• Lock doors and windows. If you leave windows open and unattended, pin them so they can’t open more than 6 inches.

• Record the make, model and serial number on all valuables, especially bicycles. If you have valuables without serial numbers, photograph the items. If you develop those photos at a store, don’t list your home address.

• Be aware of your neighbors’ typical activities and make them aware of yours; watch your neighbors’ property when they’re gone.

• Get a free home security check through the Minneapolis Police Department’s CCP/SAFE program. Call 311 to locate the SAFE staff for your block.

• Lock your car doors even when you’re in the vehicle, do not sit in the parked car.

• Do not carry excessive cash, credit cards, or other items. Bring only what you need.

• Write down the numbers and contact information for all your credit/debit cards so you can call and cancel them immediately if they are taken or lost. Keep this information in a safe location.