MCAD students write safety jingles

WHITTIER — Was “Happy Death Jingle” your radio hit of the summer? Or did you prefer “Work Zone Pixie?”

You may not know these tunes by name, but there’s a chance you caught them on the radio while driving around this summer.

Those two songs, along with “Mr. Speed” and “Valley Girls,” are actually safety-themed jingles written for the Minnesota Department of Transportation by a Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) class. Students in David Schutton’s radio writing class wrote and produced the short messages, which were performed by professional voice actors.

The messages remind drivers to remain alert and minimize distractions on the road, especially when passing through construction zones. They were distributed to radio stations across the state, MnDOT reported.

The radio jingles are also available on the MnDOT website at