Louvre art headed for MIA

Next year, Minneapolis will play host to a significant slice of Paris, as the Minneapolis Institute of Arts will feature works from all departments of the city of light’s famed Louvre museum. That means about 4,000 years’ worth of art to feast our eyes on.

Called “The Louvre and the Masterpiece,” the exhibition will explore what it means to be considered a masterpiece. Paintings, sculptures, decorative arts and drawings all will be put on display, according to an MIA news release.

“This is a great opportunity to explore what makes a work of art a masterpiece, with superb examples from the most famous museum in the world,” said Kaywin Feldman, MIA director and president.

A combined effort of the Louvre and the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, the exhibition is more than a year away — it won’t open until Oct. 18, 2009. It’s scheduled to run through Jan. 10, 2010.