What’s broken? – Intersection at 44th and Xerxes

A resident of the Linden Hills neighborhood is trying to take action with the city to fix the intersection at 44th and Xerxes.  

In e-mails forwarded to the Southwest Journal, Kristin Kleinschmidt wrote to members of the Linden Hills Neighborhood Council board about the “very dangerous intersection,” citing street parking problems. Parking was allowed too close to the intersection, making it difficult for bicyclists and pedestrians to see when passing through, she said.

“There’s a stoplight there and at least the residents nearby seem to think it is a perpetual problem,” said Linea Palmisano, chairwoman of the Linden Hills Neighborhood Council board. “I know myself, while walking the dog every night, that there’s always car guts all over the place. And they’re not the same car guts, there’s new car guts — like random pieces of plastic, the orange of a break lights, pieces of bumpers.”

The city has been aware of the problem in the past, as there have been several attempts to make the intersection less hazardous.

“I know that in the past they tried to make it a no-turn-on-red light, but that didn’t work and they took that down,” Palmisano said. “But it seems to be somewhat of a problem. I know that this resident who has been contacting us about it has been contacting the city to see if they can put in a traffic study to see what can be done about it, but we don’t know if that’s actually being done.”

Kleinschmidt said in the e-mail created in early July that she had called Minneapolis 311 “daily for the past two weeks” and they told her they would put in a request for the intersection to be studied to see if any intervention by the city would be required.

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