Walldogs mural project to begin this month

A section of Nicollet Avenue South will be decorated with 10 new murals by the end of the month.

The work will be done from July 24–27 during the long-awaited Walldogs on Nicollet project, put on by the Lyndale Neighborhood Association (LNA) and Kingfield Neighborhood Association (KFNA).

Artists from throughout the U.S. will work with hundreds of local volunteers to create the murals at eight predetermined sites. The project is meant to beautify the area and prevent graffiti in areas that have been plagued with it.

LNA Executive Director Mark Hinds said he hopes the project will re-brand Nicollet Avenue South as “Art Street,” much like Nicollet to the north has become known as Eat Street because of its restaurants.  

The murals planned along Nicollet will recall Minneapolis history, acting as windows to the past.

The mural sites are:

• Twin City Tattoo, 3131 Nicollet Ave.

• Gray’s Leather, 3401 Nicollet Ave.

• J’s Furniture, 3500 Nicollet Ave.

• Lyndale Neighborhood Association, 3537 Nicollet Ave.

• Salvation Army, 3740 Nicollet Ave.

• TNT Barbershop, 3803 Nicollet Ave.

• Martin Luther King Jr. Park, 4055 Nicollet Ave.

• Ungerman Construction, 4450 Nicollet Ave.

Roughly 100 people had registered to volunteer during the Walldogs weekend as of July 7, Hinds said. More than double that were expected throughout the weekend, he said.

Anyone who wants to volunteer can fill out a registration form online at www.walldogs.lyndale.org or call 750-6180.

“We are asking that people register ahead of time so we can make sure we get them in and get them into a spot where it will work for them and the artist,” Hinds said.

Plenty of volunteer opportunities were still available in early July.