What’s broken? – Road deteriorating on 36th Street

As she drove toward Richfield Road on West 36th Street, Southwest resident Karen Engelsen heard a “CLONK!” in the undercarriage of her car. She later learned the corrugated asphalt of the road’s slope had caused her roll-bar connection to break.

The last westbound block of West 36th Street has been deteriorating for some time and sends moving vehicles bouncing downhill.

Since damaging her car, Engelsen has driven the slope toward Lake Calhoun at slower speeds, but cannot avoid the street entirely.

City spokesman Matt Laible said that particular stretch of West 36th Street is kept up as best as possible.

“We can, and do go out occasionally and do some work to smoothen it out. But this, of course, only lasts for a while and (the damage) will eventually happen again,” he said. “Public works will have a crew look at that stretch to see if this is an appropriate time to do some additional work on the road.”

Laible attributes the bumpy effect of the asphalt to pressure from buses and other large vehicles as they break downhill toward Lake Calhoun.

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