Rybak picks Jackson as permanent fire chief

Mayor R.T. Rybak announced today that Alex Jackson, a veteran firefighter and interim chief, will stay on as the permanent Minneapolis fire chief.

The 50-year-old Jackson has served in many facets of firefighting throughout his 27-year career. Most recently, he has covered former Chief Jim Clack’s spot since he left to become Baltimore Fire Chief March 29. Rybak was quoted as saying Jackson has "outstanding administrative and operating experience" and is "exactly the kind of leader" Minneapolis Fire needs.

“In a city that prides itself on emergency preparedness and response, Jackson is the right person to take our fire department into the future,” Rybak added.

Prior to becoming interim chief, Jackson served as assistant chief, deputy chief of personnel, fire captain, fire motor operator and firefighter.

“I am deeply honored that the Mayor has chosen me to lead the fire department and I will do my best to ensure that we keep our focus on protecting public safety,” Jackson said. “We are a strong department and we deliver top-notch service to the residents of Minneapolis — a practice that will not change under my leadership.”

Jackson will have to be confirmed by the City’s Executive Committee on June 25 and the City Council’s Public Safety and Regulatory Services Committee will hold a public hearing and vote to approve Jackson in July. He will then have to be confirmed by Council.