Crime reports

Editor’s note: Alleged crimes against persons (assault, rape, murder, etc.) will feature the + symbol. Note, this compilation of crime reports provides highlights of area criminal activity. It’s not intended to be a comprehensive overview of Southwest crime.

Between May 23, 11:30 a.m., and May 24, 11:30 a.m., 3500 block of Colfax Ave.
An unknown suspect burglarized the home of a 44-year-old man. It appeared the suspect broke out the rear window and then unlocked the back door to gain access to the house. Items were missing from the basement and an upstairs bedroom closet. A bottle of wine that had been moved was dusted for fingerprints and two prints were found.

May 30, 9:30–10:30 p.m., 3200 block of Fremont Ave.
An unknown suspect burglarized the apartment of a 25-year-old man. The suspect gained access to the apartment through an unlocked window and removed multiple items from inside.

East Calhoun

+ May 24, 11:30–11:50 p.m., W. Lake St. and Lake of the Isles Parkway
Two unknown suspects robbed a 31-year-old woman. The suspects implied they had a weapon but none were seen. The victim threw her purse and then the suspects grabbed it off the ground and fled the scene.

+ May 30, 2:14–3 a.m., 3100 block of Hennepin Ave.
A 41-year-old man approached a police car to report that an unknown suspect had just robbed him of his wallet, money, cowboy boots and blue jeans. The victim said the suspect approached him while standing at a bus stop. The suspect struck up a conversation with the victim but then began to assault him. Officers asked if the victim needed any medical attention but the victim refused.

East Isles

+ May 20, 11:45 p.m., 2800 block of Humboldt Ave.
An unknown suspect robbed and assaulted a 51-year-old man. Two beer cans the suspect was holding were left at the scene and inventoried by the police officers. The victim refused any medical attention.

+ May 21, 11:15 p.m., W. 26th St. and Euclid Place
Two unknown masked suspects robbed a 26-year-old woman and a 20-year-old man at gunpoint. The suspects ordered the victims to the ground before stealing the male victim’s cell phone.

+ May 25, 12:01 a.m., 2400 block of E. Lake of the Isles Parkway
Four unknown suspects approached a 26-year-old woman and a 19-year-old as they walked around the lake. The male victim was punched several times in the face before the victims’ property was stolen.

Between May 21, 11:27 p.m., and May 22, 2 a.m., 100 block of W. 36th St.
Officers observed a vehicle pull out of an alley that matched the description of a vehicle wanted in connection to a shooting. Officers made contact with the occupants, the driver, an 18-year-old man, and the passenger, a 22-year-old man. The driver was found to be driving with a suspended license. Upon searching the vehicle, an unidentified amount of suspected marijuana was found by the officers. Both suspects were booked on narcotics violation charges at Hennepin County Jail.

Lowry Hill
May 23, 7:11 p.m., 600 block of Kenwood Parkway
Officers arrested 23-year-old man and a 20-year-old man on suspected narcotics violations. An unidentified narcotic was recovered as well as syringes from the suspects. Both suspects were booked at Hennepin County Jail.

Lowry Hill East
+ May 21, 11:22 p.m., W. 28th St. and Fremont Ave.
An unidentified number of suspects robbed a 24-year-old man and a 24-year-old woman at gunpoint. Several officers searched the area but were unable to locate the suspects.

+ May 22, 9:40 a.m.–3 p.m., Franklin Ave. and Lyndale Ave.
A 43-year-old woman was driving, and when she was stopped at the above intersection, an unknown suspect approached and asked for a ride. She rolled down the window when suddenly the suspect pulled out a knife and cut her right thumb. The victim pulled away and drove herself to the emergency room.

Between June 1, 2 p.m., and June 2, noon, 2800 block of Colfax Ave.
An unknown suspect burglarized the apartment of a 27-year-old woman. The suspect gained access to the building through an unlocked rear door then entered the apartment by forcing open the apartment’s door. The victim’s checkbook and drivers license was missing.

+ May 23, 12:20 a.m., 3000 block of Harriet Ave.
An unknown suspect robbed a 26-year-old woman. The suspect gestured towards their waistband but no weapon was revealed. The suspect stole the victim purse but the victim was later able to recover most of the contents.

+ May 28, 12:27 a.m., 2900 block of Blaisdell Ave.
An unknown suspect robbed and assaulted a 19-year-old man. The victim had been stabbed during the robbery and needed to be treated by medical staff.

May 29, 5:30 p.m., E. 31st St. and Nicollet Ave.
A 31-year-old woman parked her vehicle at a gas station and ran inside the store. The victim’s friend was left sitting inside the vehicle but left to go into the store to tell her something. When they came back out, the victim found an unknown suspect had stolen the vehicle.

+ May 30, 11:49 p.m., address not available
Officers stopped a suspicious persons stop on a juvenile male. The suspect allegedly assaulted the police officer, a 52-year-old man, and attempted to flee the scene on foot before officers were able to apprehend him. The suspect was also found to be in possession of an alleged narcotic. The suspect needed to receive medical attention before being booked at the Minneapolis Police Department’s Juvenile Unit.

May 21, 6–9 p.m., 2100 block of W. 52nd St.
An 82-year-old woman was sitting in her house when she began hearing voices outside in yard. She looked out the window and saw a juvenile female holding a white rope. The woman did not think anything of it at the time and went back to what she was doing. A short time later, an aluminum canoe was found missing from on top of the victim’s garage. A witness said they heard multiple voices as well and the sound of something being pushed into the creek.

Stevens Square
May 21, 2–3:15 p.m., 100 block of E. 17th St.
An unknown suspect burglarized the apartments of a 35-year-old man, a 27-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman. The doors to all three of the victim’s apartment had been forced open. Possible fingerprints from the suspect were recovered from the apartment the female victim.

+ May 26, 1:24 a.m., 1800 block of 1st Ave.
An unknown suspect robbed and assaulted a 33-year-old man. The victim sustained minor injuries and needed to be transported to the hospital for treatment.


May 23, 2–2:15 p.m., 4700 block of Blaisdell Ave.
An unknown suspect burglarized the apartment of a 53-year-old man while the victim was moving his lawn. A neighbor informed the victim about the burglary but the suspect had already fled the scene.

West Calhoun

Between May 24, 12:52 p.m., and May 25, 12:53 p.m., 2900 block of Dean Parkway
An unknown suspect burglarized three apartments occupied by a 33-year-old man, a 28-year-old woman and a 27-year-old man. All three of the apartment doors were forced open and pry marks were visible along the doorframes. The 27-year-old victim said that the only items appeared to be missing were a couple of bottles of wine.

+ May 27, 5:30 p.m., 2300 block of Pleasant Ave
Police arrested a 22-year-old man in connection to the assault of a 33-year-old man. The victim told police that the suspect pushed him then pulled out a knife. Allegedly, the suspect began to threaten the victim and said he would kill him. When the suspect was arrested, officers found a knife in his possession that matched the description from the victim. A witness collaborated the story from the victim. A background check revealed the suspect had a felony warrant out for his arrest. The suspect was transported to Hennepin County Jail.

May 28, 6:30–10:30 p.m., 2900 block of Garfield Ave.
A 47-year-old man parked his vehicle in a private lot during the above time frame. The victim claimed the vehicle had been locked but there had been a spare key in the center console. When he returned, he found an unknown suspect had stolen the vehicle. The victim told police that there had been two laptop computers inside the vehicle at the time of the theft.