Temporary paving complete on parkway

EAST ISLES — Public Works crews recently resurfaced four to five sections of Lake of the Isles Parkway where the roadway was the most deteriorated, said Mike Kennedy, director of transportation maintenance and repair.

Kennedy said the roadway was so pitted from potholes in several places that Public Works opted for a “mini-resurfacing” rather than just filling the potholes. It will be a temporary solution until 2009, when it appears the parkway will get a full renovation.

That renovation had been scheduled for 2011, but Public Works and the Park Board recently announced a plan to move up the work because of the extensive weather-related damage.

Kennedy said resurfacing was more expensive than pothole patching, but should save money in the long run by limiting return visits for street maintenance. Public Works crews have spent hours filling potholes on the parkway over the winter and spring, he said.

Kennedy said resurfacing put a “crown” back on the roadway so that water would run off into the gutter instead of pooling in cracks and potholes, where it can cause more damage.

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