City leaders team up with restaurants to reduce bottled water consumption

Several area restaurateurs, chefs and city leaders promoted a campaign today to steer people toward tap water instead of bottled water.

The group sampled tap water and appetizers at the Corner Table in Kingfield to highlight the national campaign, “Think Outside the Bottle.”

Several restaurants in Southwest and Downtown have signed onto the anti-bottled water pledge, including: Barbette, Bryant-Lake Bowl, Common Roots Café, Ecopolitan, Egg & I, Sunny Side Up Café, Red Stag, Restaurant Alma and Sapor Café.

To date, 25,000 people across the country have signed onto the Think Outside the Bottle pledge, according to a prepared statement by the Minnesota office of Corporate Accountability International, one of the organizers of today’s event.

In a statement, Danny Schwartzman, owner of Common Roots Café, said, “water is more than just something we pour in a glass.”

“Water is central to all the food we serve at Common Roots. And like everything we do, we have to think about the impact of the decisions we make," he said. "By serving high quality Minneapolis tap water instead of bottled, we save our patrons money and help the environment.”

The city of Minneapolis has also endorsed the Think Outside the Bottle pledge by reducing spending on bottled water contracts.

For more information on the pledge, click here.