Meet me by the bike racks

Where would you like to see bike racks?

Minneapolis is soliciting business owners and citizens alike for some feedback as to where the installation of bike racks could best benefit bikers.

Aside from its annual $40,000 allotment from the City Council, bike planners can now use an additional $200,000 from a federal Transit for Livable Communities grant.

The cost of the racks would be paid for half by the business owners, and half by grant and Council funds. The city hopes to receive feedback by May 1 so racks can be installed by 2008.

To request the number, style and location of bike racks, owners and bikers are asked call Dan Pflaum, the city’s bike coordinator, at 673-2129 for a 10-minute appointment.

Minneapolis sports 17,026 parking spaces, 331 bike lockers and 4,169 bike racks, Pflaum said. The City of Lakes already has more than four times the bike racks per capita than any other city in the nation. And yet, that’s still not enough.

"Our goal is for all of the parks, and all of the schools to have bike racks," Pflaum said.

Currently, the city is well on their way to meeting that goal. About two-thirds of the city’s libraries have bike racks, 40 percent of schools and about half the parks, he said.

While he didn’t want to estimate how many more racks $200,000 could pay for, he did say that — before the grant — the city installed 200 racks a year.