More Minneapolis commuters going green

More Minneapolitans are walking, biking or taking mass transit to work, according to new U.S. Census figures covering 2006.

When compared to 49 other large cities, Minneapolis ranked second in the number of commuters who bike to work with 2.5 percent. Only Portland, Ore. has more cyclist commuters.

Minneapolis was eighth in walking commuters with 7.1 percent and 11th in mass-transit users with 13.2 percent.

The number of participants in each of the “green” commuting methods grew over 2005.

City leaders are trying to maintain Minneapolis’ status as a walkable and bikeable city, according to a press release distributed today. More than two-dozen projects involving new trails, lanes and other improvements are in the works.

Minneapolis was also among four cities nationwide selected to receive federal grant money for new bikeways.