Police Department seeking nominations for best block clubs

The Minneapolis Police Department is seeking nominations for the annual Building Blocks Awards, which go to the most active and effective block clubs in the city.

Any club that did not win the award in 2006 is eligible. The winners will receive recognition at a public ceremony, a $100 gift card, and award signs to post on the block.
Nominations should answer the following questions:
—    How has life on the block improved through the block club’s efforts?
—    How does the block club build connections between people?
—    How does the block club work with the Minneapolis Police Department?
—    What are the events, activities and meetings of the block club?
—    When did the block club start and what are its boundaries?

Nominations should include the applicant’s and nominee’s name, address, phone number and e-mail address.

The deadline for nominations is Tuesday, Jan. 15.

Entrees can be e-mailed to [email protected]; faxed to 673-2512; or mailed to Community Crime Prevention/SAFE, c/o Building Blocks Awards, 4119 Dupont Ave. N., Minneapolis, MN, 55412.