Police bust local drug ring

The Minneapolis Police Department’s Narcotics Unit made eight arrests Dec. 20 that should result in a “dramatic decrease” in mobile drug dealing, said 5th Precinct Crime Prevention Specialist Sarah Mahmud in a crime alert e-mailed to residents this morning.

Mobile drug dealing, which involves car-to-car transactions, has been a growing problem in some Southwest neighborhoods such as East Harriet and Lynnhurst. 

The eight individuals arrested were involved in an organized drug distribution ring operating in the southern parts of the 3rd and 5th Precincts. The arrests came after police executed two search warrants, which also turned up a large amount of drugs and cash.

The investigation is ongoing and no further information was available, Mahmud said.

Residents who witness mobile drug dealing are urged to call 911 and to contact the 5th Precinct’s Community Response team at 673-5716 if the problem is ongoing.