City beginning work on pedestrian plan

Minneapolis is starting to work on its Pedestrian Master Plan in an attempt to be more walker-friendly.

Those who are working on the plan will review current city policy, suggest guidelines for sidewalks and cross walks and recommend future capital projects.

The Non-Motorized Transportation Pilot Program and Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Active Community Planning program are paying for the study. The Non-Motorized Transportation Pilot Program, now known as Bike/Walk Twin Cities, was established in 2005 as part of a six-year federal transportation law.

The legislation provided $21.5 million to four communities to evaluate what can be done to increase rates of bicycling and walking. The other pilot communities are Sheboygan County, Wis.; Marin County, Calif.; and Columbia, Mo.

People who are interested in the plan will have chances to weigh in during 2008. There will be three public meetings, with the first tentatively planned for winter 2008.