Mayor nominates seven city leaders for reappointment

Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak today nominated seven city department leaders for reappointment.

The City Council’s Executive Committee unanimously approved the appointments, which the full Council must also approve. If the Council gives the OK, each nominee will serve a two-year term starting in January 2008.

The department leaders are:

— Steven Bosacker, city coordinator

— James Clack, fire chief

— Michael Jordan, Civil Rights director

— Steve Kotke, Public Works director and city engineer

— Gretchen Musicant, Health and Family Support commissioner

— Mike Christenson, Community Planning and Economic Development director

— Patrick Todd, city assessor

Rybak plans to nominate a new city attorney in December. Police Chief Tim Dolan was appointed to a three-year term in January of this year.

“The City of Minneapolis has been served well by a stellar leadership team,” Rybak said about his nominations in a prepared statement. “Minneapolis continues to set the pace for modern American cities with a growing economy, vibrant neighborhoods, healthy residents, and innovative city government. With this leadership team, I am confident that Minneapolis’ brightest days lie ahead and that we will continue to lead the nation as a city that works.”