MnDOT announces bridge bid winner

The Minnesota Department of Transportation announced the selection of Flatiron Constructors, Inc./Manson Construction as the bid winner to build the I-35W bridge.

Flatiron, headquartered in Longmont, Colo., and Manson, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, were selected over three other companies, including Ames/Lunda, and C.S McCrossan and Walsh Construction/American Bridge.

The selection process used a computation that included an evaluation score for project proposals, the build-price, the number of construction days, and road-user cost.

Flatiron had the highest technical score of 91.47. Walsh American was second with 67.88, McCrossan was third with 65.91 and Ames/Lunda was fourth with 55.98.
Flatiron’s bid was to build the bridge in 437 days for a cost of $233,763,000. Walsh/American bid $219,000,000 with a build time of 437 days. McCrossan bid $176,938,000 with a build time of 367 days. Ames/Lunda bid $178,489,000 and would build the bridge in 392 days.