Graffiti prompts 5th Precinct to tighten security

Threatening graffiti discovered Monday on a billboard just south of the Minneapolis Police Department’s 5th Precinct at 3101 Nicollet Ave. S. has caused the station to tighten security.

“Kill Cops” was painted on the billboard in huge red, black and white letters. “No kids” was painted in smaller letters beside the phrase. Two pentagrams were also painted on the billboard and a sentence at the bottom of the sign appeared to read “slay the priest.”

Lt. Marie Przynski of the 5th Precinct said the graffiti was taken as a serious threat on the lives of officers and the precinct was acting accordingly.

The precinct building’s doors were locked Monday and were expected to remain locked today. Visitors must be visually identified and let in by a desk officer. All officers were urged to use caution when responding to unusual calls for service.

The police department’s crime lab unit analyzed the vandalism Monday and the case is still being investigated, Przynski said.

Police asked the owner of the billboard to remove the graffiti and a cleaning crew was expected to be on the site this morning.