Tiki Transformation

WINDOM — Kathryn Claeys’ bedroom is technically in Southwest Minneapolis, but from the looks of it, it could be tucked away on some island in the South Pacific.

The inspiration for her tropical bedroom is her favorite restaurant — Kokomos Island Café at the Mall of America.

Her father, Craig Claeys, a senior art director at DKY, an advertising, marketing and public relations agency in Southwest, set out to create her idyllic bedroom earlier this year. Her wish list for the wallscape included tiki huts, surfboards and a sunset.

Tiki-influenced advertisements from 1960s matchbooks and old Trader Vic’s menus inspired his design, Claeys said, who is a fan of “kitschy 1960s” design.

Here’s how the plan for the tiki room came together:

1) Craig drew out the dimensions of Kathryn’s walls on graph paper. The room is about 10 feet by 14 feet.

2) Then he created a color illustration of the South Pacific-inspired wallscape in Adobe Illustrator after coming up with a design plan with Kathryn.

3) He tested out different colors for the wallscape on his computer, ultimately deciding on shades of green and pink. “I didn’t want it to be too crazy,” he said.

4) Craig barrowed a laptop and projector from work and projected the computer-generated design on Kathryn’s bedroom walls. They traced the outline of the design in pencil and spent the next three weekends painting the wallscape.

5) Then they decorated the room with finishing touches, such as a grass skirt on the bed and paper lantern lights, to complete the Polynesian makeover.

Now Craig, who is considering creating custom paint-by-number wall designs for other parents, is pondering what to do with his son’s room. Austen, 11, is a fan of underwater ocean creatures, so it likely will have some sort of marine-biology theme.