Park notes: Lake of the Isles restoration plans altered

Lake of the Isles Restoration update

The Park Board has decided not to install covered picnic areas on the south shore of Lake of the Isles as part of its restoration project. The shelters were hotly debated among residents in the area concerned about preserving the historic landscape around the lake.

This summer, workers will be constructing new lake access points, landscaping and installing uncovered picnic tables. The last part of the plan includes reconstructing pathways around the lake, planting new trees and shrubs, restoring shorelines, and creating a canoe storage area on the south end. The project is about a year away from completion.

Grand Rounds Trivia Passport

The Minneapolis Park Board has started a “passport program” in an effort to get people walking, biking, and skating the 50-mile Grand Round Scenic Byway. The “passports” are actually postcards with trivia questions about the surroundings at kiosks along the byway. Participants can fill out the cards, send them in the mail free of charge, and win a free gift if they get all the questions correct. The contest lasts until Sept. 30 with prizes ranging from a water bottle to a digital pedometer.