Neighborhood Notebook


The annual Armatage Summer Festival will take place from 6–8 p.m. on July 17. Attendees will be able to enjoy ice cream, a skateboard competition, a 5k fun run, music by the Lynn Deichert Trio and a silent auction. ANA members will also be on hand to pass out free “Slow Down” yard signs.


The fifth annual Pizza Lucé Block Party is scheduled for Aug. 11 from noon to 10 p.m. at 32nd Street and Lyndale Avenue. The event will feature 9–10 bands that have yet to be announced, food and beer, the Roller Girls, and an area for kids.


Board members discussed modifying a city public works department proposal to resurface a neighborhood alleyway.

The board may suggest adding speed bumps as a traffic calming measure to the alley running from West 28th Street to James Avenue South between East Lake of the Isles Parkway and South Irving Avenue. Board President Ross D’Emanuele suggested a smoother surface could encourage faster driving on an alley already used by some as a shortcut.

SUMMER VACATION: The East Isles Residents Association board will not hold an August meeting.


The Fulton Neighborhood Zoning Committee is encouraging homeowners to stay within the design parameters of the neighborhood by offering the first-ever Buildings and Landscapes Enhancing the Neighborhood through Design (BLEND) awards.

The committee hopes to reward property owners, contractors, builders and architects who keep the neighborhood aesthetic in mind when remodeling or building their properties.

The award is, in part, a response to worries about oversized houses, often labeled “McMansions,” popping up in the area. Phil Rader, an architect and member of the zoning committee, explains that, rather than punishing those who build large, obtrusive homes, the neighborhood would like to recognize people with properties that blend in with their surroundings.

Most of the homes in Fulton are single-family structures, with a smattering of duplexes and retail shopping nodes. They range in style from colonial to Spanish architecture and generally have large yards with clean landscaping.

“Each home has its own unique character, but there’s that common thread that they all do have a sort of design element to them that distinguishes them,” Rader says. “If you look at the whole housing stock in the neighborhood, all of those disparate houses that have details to them start to feel similar in terms of their overall scale and the way they present themselves to the public.”

Though the Fulton committee doesn’t have any formal authority over zoning, they’ve developed a list of

recommended design guidelines, which will be given preference in the contest. Some of the standards for homes include:

• Size or mass that is comparable to next-door neighbors;

• Use of popular building materials such as stucco, brick, stone and cedar shake;

• Decks, porches, gazebos, fences, garages and patios that are complementary to the house;

• Front of the home faces the street to which it is addressed;

• Detached garages that preserve existing sightlines between houses; and

• Rainwater runoff directed back onto the lot, away from streets and alleys;

A panel of three local jurors will judge the awards: Alecia Stevens, a Minneapolis designer; Scott Newland, a Lynnhurst architect; and John Thompson, a Fulton

To be eligible, remodeling or construction must be located within Fulton’s boundaries and have been completed since July 1, 2002. Submissions are due July 27 at 6 p.m. Entry guidelines, applications and design guidelines are available for download at There is a $50 fee per property registered.


Armatage Neighborhood Association (ANA): Board meets 3rd Tuesday monthly at Armatage Park, 57th & Russell.

Bryn Mawr Neighborhood Association (BMNA):
Board meets 2nd Wednesday monthly at Bryn Mawr School, 252 Upton Ave. S.

Calhoun Area Residents Action Group (CARAG) meeting: Board meets 3rd Tuesday monthly at Bryant Square Park, 3101 Bryant Ave. S.

Cedar-Isles-Dean Neighborhood Association (CIDNA) meeting: Board meets every 1st Tuesday at Jones-Harrison Residence, 3700 Cedar Lake Ave.

East Calhoun Community Organization (ECCO):
Board meets 1st Thursday monthly at St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church, 3450 Irving Ave. S.

East Harriet Farmstead Neighborhood Association (EHFNA): Board meets 1st Wednesday monthly at Lyndale Farmstead Park Building, 3900 Bryant Ave.

East Isles Residents Association (EIRA): Board meets 1st Tuesday monthly at Trinity Community Church, 1430 W. 28th St.

Fulton Neighborhood Association (FNA):
Board meets 2nd Wednesday monthly at Pershing Park, 3523 W. 48th St.

Kenny Neighborhood Association (KNA): Board meets 3rd Tuesday monthly at Coldwell Banker Burnet Building, 5516 Lyndale Ave. S.

Kenwood Isles Area Association (KIAA):
Board meets 1st Monday monthly at Kenwood Neighborhood Center, 2101 W. Franklin Ave.

Kingfield Neighborhood Association (KFNA): Board meets 2nd Wednesday monthly at Martin Luther King Jr. Park, 41st & Nicollet.

Linden Hills Neighborhood Council (LHiNC):
Board meets 1st Tuesday monthly at Linden Hills Park, 3100 W. 43rd St.

Lowry Hill Residents Inc. (LHRI): Board meets 1st Tuesday monthly at Kenwood Neighborhood Center, 2101 W. Franklin Ave.

Lowry Hill East (Wedge): Board meets 3rd Wednesday monthly at Jefferson Elementary School, 1200 W. 26th St.

Lyndale Neighborhood Association (LNA): Board meets 4th Monday monthly at Painter Park, 34th & Lyndale.

Lynnhurst Neighborhood Association (LYNAS): Board meets 2nd Thursday monthly at Lynnhurst Community Center, 50th & West Minnehaha Parkway.

Stevens Square Community Organization (SSCO): Board meets 2nd Thursday monthly at 1707 3rd Ave. S. in the community room.

Tangletown Neighborhood Association (TNA): Board meets 3rd Monday monthly at Fuller Park, 4800 Grand Ave.

West Calhoun Neighborhood Council: Board meets 2nd Tuesday monthly at Whole Foods (classroom), 3060 Excelsior Blvd.

Whittier Alliance: Board meets 4th Thursday monthly at the Whittier Community School, 2620 Grand Ave.

Windom Community Council:
Board meets 2nd Thursday monthly at Windom Community Center, 5821 Wentworth Ave.

[For more information about Southwest neighborhood organizations, go to the Southwest Journal’s website and click on the “Neighbors” link.]

Neighborhood notebook

Editor’s Note:The Southwest Notes section provides a snapshot of neighborhood issues and activities. Reporters and contributing writers include summaries of important actions at neighborhood organization meetings, but this section is not limited to neighborhood group activities — other community events and noteworthy issues are also included. If you have neighborhood news to share, please e-mail us at [email protected]

GAS STATION REMODELING: The Armatage Neighborhood Association (ANA) has agreed to write a letter stating they do not oppose the remodeling of the BP gas station on 60th Street and Penn Avenue. The station is attempting to turn from a gasoline and repair shop into a full-fledged convenience store. They’re adding more fuel pumps, eliminating the repair shop and revamping the carwash. The store will sell hot dogs, nachos, sandwiches, lottery tickets and other items typical of a convenience store.

CRIME AND SAFETY: Lt. Marie Przynski from the 5th Precinct said Southwest has $40,000 to use this summer to pay off-duty officers interested in working extra shifts. The officers will target the areas of Nicollet Avenue and Lake Street, Steven’s Square and Uptown. The Uptown Association agreed to pay off-duty officers to work shifts in Uptown on Thursday and Friday nights this summer from about 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. The Police Department will pay off-duty officers to cover that time period on Saturdays, Przynski said.
JOYCE FOOD SHELF: Summer is the slowest time of year for donations to Joyce Food Shelf at the corner of 31st Street and Emerson and the charity is looking for help. Food shelf board chairwoman and volunteer Mary Sperling said the food shelf “barely scrapes by in the summer” because most people only think about donating during the holiday season. The food shelf accepts cash, dry foods such as macaroni and cheese and cereal, canned foods such as soup and tuna, and nonfood items including laundry detergent, paper towels, toothbrushes and toothpaste. For more information, call 825-4431 or visit

B.L.E.N.D. AWARDS: The Fulton Neighborhood Association is currently accepting applications for the Buildings and Landscapes Enhancing the Neighborhood through Design (B.L.E.N.D.) Awards. The program honors builders, property owners and architects who have constructed or remodeled their homes to blend into the Fulton neighborhood. A jury of design professionals and local residents will select winners. The deadline for submissions is July 27. Visit for eligibility guidelines.

KING PARK FENCE: Lakes area District Manager for the Park Board Paul Hokeness, King Park director Brian Cornell and the park’s Little Kids’ Soccer Program Director Michael Vanderford attended the June Kingfield Neighborhood Association (KFNA) meeting to discuss concerns about a controversial baseball fence constructed around Field 1 near 42nd Street. The KFNA board decided to arrange a public meeting to discuss the fence and how the Park Board communicates with the neighborhood. A committee planned to select a date soon.

THEODORE WIRTH HOME: The Minneapolis Parks Legacy Society is offering free public tours of the Theodore Wirth home on July 14. One of the founders of the Minneapolis parks system, Wirth lived with his family in a beautiful mansion on 3954 Bryant Ave. S. He served as superintendent of parks from 1906 to 1935 and has a park named for him in North Minneapolis.

The Lyndale Neighborhood Association (LNA) elected new board members at its annual meeting in June at Zion Lutheran Church. The new board is the first to represent the neighborhood since the merger of LNA with the Lyndale Neighborhood Development Corporation in March. The board members are Josh Bassais, Randy Ferguson, Trish Lundberg, Shannon O’Halloran, Bryce Pier, Holly Reckel, Melanie Ueland, Stacy Moreno and Nina Brown. Michael Montrose and Richard Giese are alternates. The board still has three seats open. Anyone interested should contact LNA Executive Director Mark Hinds at 824-9402×16.

BOARD MEMBER ELECTIONS: New members of the Stevens Square Community Organization (SSCO) board of directors were elected at the neighborhood’s annual meeting June 21.
New Chairwoman Barb Jacobs replaces Nadine Knibb, who no longer serves on the board. Amy Falatic is vice chairwoman, replacing Gene Blackledge.
EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR SEARCH: The SSCO is seeking a new executive director to oversee neighborhood operations and fundraising.
Executive Director Julie Filapek announced she planned to leave the position. Applications to SSCO are due by July 12.

Mayor R.T. Rybak expressed his support for Mayflower Church’s proposed workforce housing complex at the June 18 Tangletown Neighborhood Association meeting. “I think this is something that will be very good for Tangletown,” Rybak said. He approved of the proposed location on the corner of 54th Street and Stevens Avenue because it would be near mass transit and new commercial developments like Liberty Custard. He also praised Plymouth Foundation, the nonprofit housing developer involved with the project. Numerous residents spoke up against the housing, citing potential traffic and density issues. The board asked residents to submit their questions and requests for presentation time during the July 16 meeting to [email protected]

A representative from SuperAmerica updated Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association board members on improved security measures, which include video monitoring of the station and a police officer during parts of the day. Station managers have no plans to close the station from 1 a.m.–3 a.m. on weekends, although several board members expressed their support for the plan as a way to reduce crime and noise.