Graffiti vandal gets personal with Fairy Godmother

Cinderella would never have done such a thing.

Terre Thomas’ Kingfield boutique, Fairy Godmother, was tagged with profane graffiti that mentioned her by name earlier this week. The incident took place after Thomas, a self-proclaimed fairy godmother who wears ball gowns to work, wrote a column about her graffiti abatement efforts that was published in the July 2-15 issue of the Southwest Journal.

“I just think it was someone feeling shaky and unstable and the article was a trigger,” Thomas said.

Two statements were written in black spray paint on a door and window of Thomas’ shop. One was profane and mentioned her by name, the other read “Die yuppie sc.” Judging by the empty paint can left at the scene, Thomas and police think the vandal ran out of paint before finishing the last word, which was likely meant to be “scum.”

Police took fingerprints from the can and a window, but Inspector Kristine Arneson of the 5th Precinct said the prints resulted in no matches, meaning the vandal has no arrest history. The only way to catch the person is to get a tip, she said.

The city recently began offering a $500 reward for any information that leads to a graffiti conviction.

Thomas, who carries graffiti-removal supplies in her trunk to clean up tags in the neighborhood, said her efforts would continue.