City receives another $5 million in emergency transit assistance

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Mary E. Peters visited the Minneapolis Metro Transit Bus Garage, 560 6th Ave. N., on Friday to announce new federal support for Minneapolis transit services.

Peters said she recognized that in the wake of the I-35W bridge collapse getting people to and from Minneapolis is more important yet more challenging than ever. To aid in the transit efforts, Peters announced that an additional $5 million will be given to help operate public transportation systems in Minneapolis.

“One of the many challenges here in Minneapolis is making sure that the thousands of commuters, the 141,000 vehicles a day that use that bridge now have another way to get back and forth to their work, their home, and their recreation safely. Not to mention all of the businesses that depend on these routes…I clearly understand what a vital role transit plays in this community,” said Peters.

Peters said President Bush signed legislation on August 6 giving an additional $5 million dollars to support transit services here in Minneapolis.

“In the wake of this tragedy Minneapolis needs to be able to use every resource that is available to you to get people to and from downtown…today I’m very pleased to announce that we are making $5 million available to operate the public transportation system.”

The additional funds given today will be available to help pay for a variety of transit services, such as the extra buses the city has put on the ground. Peters also said the Department of Transportation wants to provide as much flexibility as possible when it comes to the money so that the City can distribute funds to the areas that most need it.

The $5 million in federal support that Peters announced Friday is in addition to the $5 million previously given for emergency relief on the bridge.