Can’t wait? Hit the Fringe tonight

The Minnesota Fringe Festival officially kicks off tomorrow, but if that’s simply too long to wait, go to Bryant-Lake Bowl, 810 W. Lake St., tonight. The Fringe Festival Showcase will be hosted there at 8 p.m. by Fringe Executive Director, Robin Gillette.

Highlighted shows include "Moliere Than Thou" presented by Timothy Mooney Reperatory Theater; "Let’s Go! See A Show! Starr Ahrens’ Unaccompanied, Solo Exploration of Her Original One Act Musical” presented by Starr Ahrens; "Starr, Scott and Bill" presented by Starr, Scott and Bill; "Loss of Breath" presented by Jillanna Ponasik; "Christmas in Bakersfield" presented by Traveling Kurkedaal Productions; "Pigeon Man Apocalypse" presented by Act Provocateur International; "The Honeymoon Period is Officially Over" presented by Gemma Wilcox; "A Brief History of Petty Crime" presented by Roodie Pancake Experiment; "Living the Questions" presented by Rachel Nelson-BardLive; "I am for Now, Maybe Not Later" presented by Monica Rodero and Daniel Schuchart.

Admission is free.

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