Washburn High School unveils three centers of excellence

At Washburn, the three centers are down from an original 13 SLCs. Each center now occupies an individual floor. Centers include American Studies, International Studies, and Career and Technology.

For students enrolled in American Studies, classes will revolve around America’s origins. International Studies will focus on world cultures and foreign languages, while the Career and Technology program offers aviation, engineering and technical design lessons.

Students take basic classes such as English, algebra and history, while also pursuing electives in specialized areas like Spanish, French, aircraft design, and travel and hospitality. Currently, plans are also underway to expand Washburn’s American Studies program to other MPS high schools.

At Washburn, the name change highlights its high-quality college-preparatory programs, according to Craig Vana, interim superintendent for Area C (which spans Southwest). For now, other high schools in Minneapolis Public High Schools (MPS) are retaining the label of SLCs.

Vana has been involved in the conceptual side of SLCs in addition to its implementation in MPS six years ago as part of a movement to improve high schools. “You go to an SLC for a more personalized, relevant and rigorous high school experience,” Vana said.

The goal of the centers is to deepen relationships between students and classmates and staff.

For more information about Minneapolis Public Schools or Washburn High School, call 668-0000 or check out www.mpls.k12.mn.us.