Robberies spike in the 5th Precinct’s 2nd sector

Eleven robberies were reported in the 2nd sector of the Minneapolis Police Department’s 5th Precinct between Oct. 15 and Oct. 27, most of them in the Lyndale neighborhood.

The 2nd sector includes East Calhoun, CARAG, Lyndale, East Harriet, West Calhoun and Linden Hills. One of the recent reported robberies was on Hennepin Avenue between East Calhoun and CARAG, another was in Kingfield, two were in CARAG and seven were in Lyndale.

Suspect descriptions vary. Some of the reported robberies involved one suspect, others involved as many as four. Some suspects were reportedly armed.

All of the reported robberies involved individual victims. Police classified three of the incidents as aggravated robberies, meaning the victim was physically attacked. One such incident involved a group of four males who waited for multiple victims to walk by before knocking them to the ground and stealing a wallet and other items.

Most victims were area residents, said Crime Prevention Specialist Tom Thompson. Some were robbed in the early evening.

Thompson notified area residents about the jump in robberies via e-mail last week and offered these crime-prevention tips:

– Sign up for 2nd sector e-mail alerts by sending a message to [email protected]. Notify neighbors who don’t get the e-mails of the information they contain.

– Notify block club members of criminal activity.

– Call 911 if you see suspicious people or activities.

– Keep an eye out for people on the street before exiting your home and vehicle.

– When in your car, lock the doors and do not sit in it parked.

– Don’t carry excessive cash, credit cards or other items.

– Write down the numbers and contact information for your credit cards so you can cancel them if they are stolen. Keep the information in a safe place.

– Get involved with or start your neighborhood’s crime and safety committee.

– Get involved with the Stroll Patrols for your neighborhood

– If someone confronts you, comply with demands.

– Call the Police Department’s tip line at 612-692-8477 with information about crimes.