Lund’s gets organic certification

In March Lund's (and Byerly's) grocery stores, including the Uptown Lund's location at 1450 W. Lake St. achieved official organic certification for their produce department.

Public Relations Manager Michelle Croteau said customer demand drove the company to get organic certification. "We're seeing an increase in demand throughout our stores, especially Uptown," she said.

This certification means that Lund's employees must keep strict records of their organic produce, down to knowing which farm it came from. Croteau said employees must monitor organic food in accordance with U.S. Department of Agriculture standards.

The standards specify how produce is cleaned and cut, among other requirements. Lund's employees are required to take classes and tests on the required standards.

Croteau said organic food is become less expensive because demand is rising. Competitors such as the Wedge Community Coop, 2105 Lyndale Ave. S., are also organically certified.

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