Goodman’s $99K tops in city

Southwest City Councilmember Lisa Goodman (7th Ward) has no opponents and a campaign fund approaching $100,000 – four times as much as either of the declared mayoral candidates, according to financial reports filed by Jan. 31 with Hennepin County.

Goodman had $99,280 at year’s end, according to the filings. She is a two-term incumbent and began this election cycle with a head start. She had more than $48,800 saved after handily winning reelection in 2001.

None of the three other two-term incumbents had more than $18,126 in the bank, county records show.

First-term Councilmember Scott Benson (11th Ward), has $27,135 in the bank, the second-highest total on the Council.

Goodman is seeking a third term to the district that includes Bryn Mawr, Kenwood, Lowry Hill and Cedar-Isles-Dean. She has mailed letters to DFLers seeking endorsement, calling her job, "one of the most rewarding and humbling experiences of my life."

She has a couple of advantages in raising campaign cash. Her district contains affluent areas near Lake of the Isles and in Downtown with higher concentrations of potential donors. Goodman herself is an experienced political fund-raiser, having worked for NARAL-Pro Choice America and for Paul Wellstone’s U.S. Senate campaign.

She does not send direct mail or go to lobbyist-supported fund-raisers, she said. She holds one fund-raising event a year, in the home of a 7th Ward resident, "and a lot of people come," she said. "We are not assertive fund-raisers."

Goodman added that her campaign pays for a part-time staff member, so she can spend less time on campaign work. "It has been a pretty good investment on behalf of the 400 people who have contributed to my campaign, because it has allowed me to do the job on behalf of the 29,000 people I represent," she said.

State law limits nonelection-year donations to $100 per person. Since Goodman raised $37,818 in 2004, she had at least 378 donors. Candidates do not have to list individual donors; Goodman did not.

In election years, Councilmembers may raise up to $300 per contributor and mayoral and other citywide candidates may raise up to $500 per person. If donations exceed $100, the campaigners must list donors’ names.

Mayor’s race

Mayor R.T. Rybak had $19,069 in the bank as of Feb. 1. He started 2004 with $21,955, raised $22,987 and spent $25,873. Expenditures included: postage ($4,472); Web site ($4,167); Reichert New Media Fund-raising Consulting ($4,000); Printing ($3,393) and Christmas cards ($1,852).

Mayoral challenger Peter McLaughlin listed $21,159.67 cash-on-hand. He raised $26,614, including a $5,000 personal loan he made to the campaign. He spent $5,454.33 on printing, mailing and fund-raiser food. In addition, the report listed $6,503.16 in unpaid bills, which, once paid, would drop his balance to $14,656.51.

Rybak released the names of all donors upon request; they were not part of the campaign finance report. McLaughlin did not name donors.

Rybak’s 2004 donors included state Rep. Margaret Anderson Kelliher; former Secretary of State Joan Growe; Hennepin County Attorney Amy Klobuchar’s Volunteer Committee; WATCH founder Susan Lenfesty; former Met Council Chair Ted Mondale; and bus magnate Charles Zelle.

In other races:

Ward 6: Incumbents Dean Zimmermann and Robert Lilligren will face off in the seat due to redistricting. (See story, page 5.) No one else is currently running. Lilligren’s 2005 report said he had $8,692 in his account; Zimmermann had $5,637.

Ward 8: This open seat covers north and east Kingfield. Those filing reports were: Marie Hauser ($6,314 raised, $3,488 in the bank); Jeff Hayden ($2,830 raised, $1,392 banked); Titi Bediako ($1,457 raised and $1,457 banked); Dennis Tifft ($1,407 raised, including a $772 personal loan; $635 banked); Elizabeth Glidden ($0 raised).

Ward 10: This is an open seat covering East Isles, the Wedge, East Calhoun, CARAG, Lyndale and East Harriet. Incumbent Dan Niziolek is not seeking reelection. Report filers were: Allan Bernard ($9,371 raised, $7,343 in the bank); Scott Persons, ($4,368 raised and $4,368 banked) and Gay Noble ($100 raised, $100 banked). Recent entrant Ralph Remington had not filed campaign committee papers yet.

Ward 11: Incumbent Scott Benson is the only candidate to file campaign committee and finance papers for the seat covering Tangletown, Windom and Kingfield south of 40th and west of Nicollet. He has $27,135 in the bank (more than either Rybak or McLaughlin), his report said.

Ward 13: This is an open seat representing Linden Hills, West Calhoun, Fulton, Armatage, Lynnhurst, Kenny. Incumbent Barret Lane is not seeking reelection. Those filing financial reports were: Lisa McDonald ($13,275 raised, $10,309 in the bank); and Betsy Hodges ($5,202 raised and $3,974 banked). Michael Hohmann filed papers to create a campaign committee. Mark Lindbergh, who had announced an exploratory campaign, decided not to run.

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