Campo’s lobbying seen as key

Members of the Park Board's Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee indicated their support for renewing Lynnhurst resident Mary Ann Campo's lobbying contract -- and maintaining communication with state budget-setters.

Campo has strong Republican ties, and with the House of Representatives and the Governor's Office in Republican hands, the Park Board members appeared eager to keep a bipartisan approach.

“You are the only Republican lobbyist we have,” said Commissioner Rochelle Berry Graves. “You hold the trump card for us.”

Anderson said the proposed contract renewal is for $40,000, the same as last year. Brian Rice, who has strong DFL ties, is the Park Board's chief lobbyist.

Campo has helped lobby for the Park Board for four years.

Park Board members appeared most concerned about state aids to local governments being cut, and finding some source of constitutionally dedicated park funding.