Streets to get resurfaced

LYNNHURST – Several streets just south of Lake Harriet will be resurfaced this summer.

Starting in May, the work will take place on 49th Street from Penn Avenue to Knox Avenue, on Oliver and Morgan avenues between 50th Street and East Lake Harriet Parkway, and on Newton and Logan avenues from 50th Street to 49th Street.

Construction crews will scrape off street surfaces and coat them with a new layer of asphalt. Curbs and gutters will be replaced, and any other paving-related improvements will also be made at this time.

It’s not a total reconstruction and is meant to extend the lifespan of the existing roads.

The area will remain open to local traffic, said Don Elwood, a principal engineer with Minneapolis Engineering Services.

Some utility companies will also be doing some work in the area while the city work is ongoing.

The work is expected to be completed by September, Elwood said.