Fulton leading the way in state Energy Challenge

A Southwest neighborhood with a reputation for eco-friendly efforts was on leading the pack as of last week in the Minnesota Energy Challenge.

Fulton residents had pledged to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by about 18 percent for an annual total of about 85,492 pounds.

A month after the Center for Energy and Environment launched the website, Minneapolis had pledged to save 7 million pounds of carbon from being released into the atmosphere.

The site estimates how much carbon dioxide a household is responsible for based on the size of home, modes of transportation and other factors. It then calculates how much would be saved by pledging to take small steps and simple actions to make a difference.

They include installing energy-efficient light bulbs, unplugging a second refrigerator, using a programmable thermostat or taking public transit.

Participants can join neighborhood, school or other teams. Those totals are calculated in regularly updated standings on the Energy Challenge website.

As of early last week: Fulton was in first place. Linden Hills was ranked fifth, with its residents promising to reduce their energy use by 28 percent and save 58, 573 pounds. Armatage was in seventh place with pledges to save 49,485 pounds of carbon dioxide.

Other Southwest neighborhoods in the top 20 included Lynnhurst, Whittier and Windom.

To join the Energy Challenge online or to view team standings, go to www.mnenergychallenge.org.