Arneson to stay on as 5th Precinct inspector

Interim Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan selected Insp. Kristine Arneson of the 5th Precinct to be part of his top management team. She will remain inspector of the 5th Precinct.

Dolan, who will be appointed chief July 2, announced his leadership team selections last month. The team consists of the assistant police chief, deputy chief of patrol, deputy chief of investigations, deputy chief of professional standards and precinct inspectors. Dolan’s selections became effective Dec. 10.

Arneson is one of three inspectors who will keep their current positions. She has commanded the 5th Precinct for more than two years and has worked in every other precinct but the 1st Precinct since joining the Minneapolis Police Department in 1986.

In the 5th Precinct, Arneson said her accomplishments include creating an aggressive yet community friendly team of lieutenants and sergeants and returning beat cops to the northeast section of the precinct, where chronic misdemeanor offenders were a problem.

Dave Delvoye, safety coordinator for the Stevens Square Community Organization, said the presence of beat cops and officers working buyback shifts has had a noticeable impact on crime in the area. He said Insp. Arneson made a point of attending a Steven’s Square crime and safety meeting when she started as inspector and has been receptive to the community’s needs.

“We completely support what she’s doing,” Delvoye said. “We’re on the right track.”

Arneson said her top priority in the precinct continues to be combating robberies and aggravated assaults, which were up significantly during the summer but have dropped off since. She said it’s important for her officers to keep the pressure on areas that have been plagued with such crimes in the past, such as sections of CARAG and Lyndale.

“When we [police] leave, they [criminals] come back,” Arneson said.

Arneson’s other goals for the next year include dismantling gangs, dealing with problem properties, enforcing curfew and reducing truancy rates.

Dolan’s other leadership team selections are:

– Sharon Lubinski, assistant chief

– Robert Allen, deputy chief of patrol

– Scott Gerlicher, deputy chief of professional standards

– Valerie Wurster, deputy chief of investigations

– Janee Harteau, 1st Precinct inspector

– Robert Skomra, 2nd Precinct inspector

– Lucy Gerold, 3rd Precinct inspector

– Lee Edwards, 4th Precinct inspector