Whittier Globe folds for one issue

Due to financial problems, the Whittier neighborhood’s free community newspaper, the Whittier Globe, won’t publish an August issue.

Additionally, the Clarion Group will no longer provide accounting services for the newspaper that has a circulation of 10,000. The Whittier Globe, which has been published monthly since 1976 and has six staffers, has long been struggling to make ends meet.

Throughout the last several years, there have been many reports of the staff working unpaid and other debts. Ralf Runquist, the Whittier Globe’s board president who’s in his 80s, pays most of the newspaper’s costs out of his own pocket.

“Our financial situation has recently spun somewhat out of control: not enough ads, not enough invoices to our advertisers, not enough payments to our staff and suppliers,” Runquist wrote in a message to Whittier residents.

As a result, the Whittier Globe will try to regroup in August and hopefully print a September issue. “We still feel the Globe performs a valuable function for our diverse neighborhood and we mean to continue to be a voice for all Whittier residents,” the Globe’s message continued.