Graffiti removal grants available to Whittier residents

The Whittier Alliance is offering graffiti removal grants to Whittier residents and business owners.

Grant amounts vary according to individual projects and will be capped based on a percentage of the total cost. Submitters may apply for various grant categories, including concealing existing graffiti, taking preventive measures, installing lights, landscaping and adding a mosaic or mural to a property.

The Whittier Alliance has dedicated $13,833 to the initiative from its Neighborhood Revitalization Project (NRP) money. Currently, grant applications are being accepted on an ongoing basis until funds run out.

Creative plans that enhance the neighborhood aesthetically while also preventing tagging will be given preference. For example, community members are encouraged to add creeping vines or decorative fencing around vulnerable areas.

Proposals for cleanup must include a photo of the tagged surface, police report or city inspection notice, and an invoice for steps taken to eradicate graffiti. Plans for landscaping, lighting, or other aesthetic arrangements should outline the budget, design, materials and costs involved. Some projects may be subject to inspection by the Whittier Alliance steering committee.

The goal of the initiative is to “build communities where all people feel safe and trust the city’s public safety professionals and systems,” as stated in its submission guidelines.

In addition to the grants, the Whittier Alliance will sponsor a neighborhood cleanup event this fall as part of the same NRP strategy.

For more information or to get an application, call the Whittier Alliance at 871-7756 or check out