Park Board launches new parking ticket system designed to save money

Beginning Memorial Day weekend, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) implemented a new ticketing system intended to save parking violators money and improve both customer service and the collection of parking fines.

Instead of the standard Hennepin County parking ticket, Park Police will issue a $35 administrative ticket to violators of the MPRB's regional parks, according to a press release. The most common violations include nonpayment in a pay parking area and parking in a no-parking zone.

The release states that first-time violators will have the option of purchasing a $27 annual Patron Permit rather than pay the full ticket fee, which will save them $8 and permit them to use the parks' &#8220Patron-only” lots.

The administration ticket - which must be paid within seven days - will also allow the MRPB to work directly will park customers, rather than sending them to Hennepin County Court. The release states that this will help better confirm and/or resolve any issues related to the ticket, such as broken meters.

If ticket recipients don't resolve the ticket within 30 days, they'll receive a citation and the current process for a parking citation will be followed.

According to the release, of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board's 182 park properties, approximately 50 percent of the regional lots provide free parking, while the remaining lots are a combination of hourly and designated annual Patron Permit spaces. All of the Park Board's neighborhood parks feature free parking.

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