Lyndale neighborhood marches in honor of Sonny

A crowd of more than 100 people marched with Sonny Siron, 79, on April 24 – the namesake of the beloved Sonny’s Crema Café at 3403 Lyndale Ave. S.

The walkers want to show their support for Siron who was mugged in September during his morning walk. Now, Lyndale neighborhood leaders organizers are coordinating “buddies” to escort him daily.

Since the mugging, Siron and other community members have worked to help police apprehend the two muggers. So far, no charges have been filed in the case.

After their stroll, neighbors circled around Siron, sang songs and exchanged hugs and kisses. They gave him flowers while he handed out free ice cream coupons. “Can you believe all these people? It’s incredible isn’t it?” he asked.

Nile Zumberge, a childhood friend of Sonny’s, said he has many fond memories with Siron. For instance, they did their first “gambling” at the candy store, now nonexistent, that was then just across the street from the ice cream parlor.

Lyndale resident Brad Kettersmith, said he was glad to be there for Siron. He remembered when there were lines out the door to get into the ice cream shop when it first opened in 1994 after a remodeling project.

“There’s a lot of love for Sonny. He’s special. He’s everybody’s grandpa, and he makes you feel at home,” he said.