Kingfield has a new nondenominational church

Solomon's Porch aims to become part of the neighborhood, will offer a variety of community services

Solomon's Porch is a church that's young in more ways than one.

Just five years old, the nondenominational church typically attracts younger parishioners from a wide range of Christian backgrounds. It's also one of the youngest members of the Kingfield neighborhood, having just moved to its location at the corner of 46th Street & Blaisdell Avenue in February.

&#8220We certainly want to be as good of neighbors as we can and as much a part of the neighborhood as we can,” said Doug Pagitt, the pastor at Solomon's Porch.

The church moved to Kingfield after previously calling the Linden Hills and Phillips neighborhoods home for three years each.

Solomon's Porch moved to Kingfield because of the opportunity to move into the building that had been occupied by the Hobart United Methodist Church, Pagitt said.

Church leaders redesigned the space and brought in regular household furniture to make it feel more like someone's living room.

&#8220The place feels more like a house than it does a church,” Pagitt said.

Worship services are held Sunday evening, but Solomon's Porch is also home to a variety of community services and events that include a tutoring program, a play group for children and an open lunch program starting later this spring wherein people who work from home can gather and socialize.

A small group of people formed the church in 2000 to create an entity that &#8220would represent and fit us,” he said. According to their Web site, their name comes from several references in the New Testament to Solomon's Porch, &#8220a public area inside the Temple in Jerusalem and a place of ministry for the early Church.”

Solomon's Porch has several hundred parishioners but is always open to new members, Pagitt said.

&#8220It's a really normal place,” Pagitt said. &#8220It's kind of religious by topic, but it's not very religious by function.”

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