NRP funding to stay in neighborhood that generates it

The Community Development Committee (CDC) turned practice into policy at its Feb. 14 meeting by approving an amendment that guarantees Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) funding will remain in the hands of the neighborhood that generated it.

The 1990 statute that created NRP did not specifically address who has ownership of program income, but the city has followed the practice of using money raised by programs or projects in the neighborhoods that generated it. In August, the City Council approved a resolution that formalized the practice, and staff was directed to draft the policy into the NRP ordinance. The CDC's approval of the amendment makes it official.

Councilmember Paul Ostrow (1st Ward) said although the amendment is consistent with the city's practice, it's important to put it into the ordinance.

&#8220It's nice to be here today at a point where we can do something positive for neighborhood programs,” he said.

Neighborhood leaders and residents filled the room at the meeting, speaking in support of the amendment.

&#8220One of the things NRP has accomplished is it has turned neighborhoods into real communities,” said Dottie Titus, a resident of the Jordan neighborhood. &#8220It's brought a sense of place and pride into many of the neighborhoods.”

The committee also approved the Citizen Participation Program Guidelines for 2006, which outline the rights and responsibilities of the neighborhoods.