Mayor partners with schools in Next Generation Agenda

Mayor R.T. Rybak will step up his involvement with Minneapolis schools and youth as part of his plan called the Next Generation Agenda announced on Tuesday, Jan. 31, at a community forum at Roosevelt High School, 4029 28th Ave. S.

The meeting kicked off a series in which Rybak will address city issues. &#8220I will use my role as mayor to play a significantly stronger role in bringing all the forces of this city together for our kids,” Rybak said in a statement about his plans. &#8220This is a school district with some great teachers, great programs, great students, great schools; but not all of them are succeeding. I will tell the great stories of our schools, but I will also ask the tough questions until every school and every classroom can say every child is succeeding.”

In addition, Rybak expects to become more active in recruiting candidates for School Board, as well as hosting forums before the election and stressing youth issues at the State Legislature. Drawing from his experience on the city's Youth Coordinating Board (YCB), he'll also help the district draft a long-term financial plan.

&#8220Too many children lack hope, purpose and strong families,” he said. &#8220We need a city where young people are ready by 21 for college, career and life.”