Transit funding approved

The Hennepin County Board of Commissioners approved $2 million in funding for transit-oriented development projects at its Dec. 13 meeting.

Transit-oriented development funding supports redevelopment and new construction that encourages transit usage and increases residential density near transit corridors.

Projects in Minneapolis that received funding:

– $140,000 to Midtown Exchange Condos on the Greenway for pedestrian lighting, sidewalks, landscaping and utilities.

– $134,000 to the Village in Phillips Phase II Project for pedestrian lighting, property acquisition and demolition for new housing.

– $100,000 to the city of Minneapolis Neighborhood LRT Stations Pedestrian Improvement Program for pedestrian lighting.

– $100,000 to the Franklin-Portland Gateway Partnership for pedestrian lighting and safety improvements.

– $50,000 to the Little Earth Phase IV Rehabilitation Project for pedestrian lighting.

– $50,000 to the Minneapolis American Indian Center Capital Project for pedestrian lighting.

– $46,000 to the Ripley Gardens for pedestrian lighting.

Other projects that received funding:

Mound: $1 million for pedestrian and infrastructure improvements, pedestrian lighting and construction of a park-and-ride facility.

Bloomington: $200,000 to Bloomington Port Authority/Central Station project for pedestrian lighting adjacent to two light-rail transit stations.

Minnetonka: $180,000 to the city of Minnetonka/Deephaven Cove Project for pedestrian lighting, transit safety improvements and write-down of land values to make residential units affordable.