Lyndale residents urged to submit crime impact statements

Community Crime Prevention/Safety For Everyone (CCP/Safe) officers urge Lyndale residents to submit community impact statements that describe how they have been affected by a crime.

CCP/Safe wants to start a Court Watch program to follow Lyndale arrests from investigation through prosecution and sentencing.

Crime-Prevention Specialist Tom Thompson said in a message to residents that it isn’t necessary to have had direct contact with an offender to fill out a report. Community members are also asked to write about how they’re influenced daily by crime, how it alters their perception of the neighborhood and how it affects their children.

Crime and Drug Committee Organizer Kristine Danzinger agreed that impact statements are a valuable resource for the neighborhood and law enforcers.

“Impact statements are an effective way to communicate to judges the real impact of the criminal behavior on the community,” Danzinger said.

For more information and to see a list of suspects’ court dates and charges, go to the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office Web site at

Or, send impact statements to Kathe Flynn, Hennepin County Government Center, C-21 at