Kingfield condo project moves forward, neighborhood contributes

The Lander Group’s 3800 Nicollet Ave. condo project is reportedly free of roadblocks, following nearly a year of haggling with the former building owner over the former Theisen Vending Company building.

The development is planned to feature 41 “eco-friendly” and some “affordable” condos, as well as underground parking, 7,000 square feet of new retail space on the ground level and 3,000 square feet of office space.

The development group has been in negotiation and litigation with the former building owners concerning environmental cleanup of the site and the contract with Clear Channel for the billboard atop the building.

While the Lander Group and Kingfield neighborhood representatives wanted to get rid of the massive billboard with the new development, Lander Group Development Manager Chris Kennelly said they’ve had to agree to work with Clear Channel and keep the billboard.

Now, Kennelly said, they’re excited to move on and continue to develop the property. A particularly exciting part of the project, he said, is the involvement of the Kingfield Neighborhood Association (KFNA).

The KFNA group sought out the Lander Group in 2004 in hopes of sparking interest in redevelopment at the major corner. KFNA members have pushed for a mixed-use project with lower-priced units in this building and in others throughout the neighborhood.

Kennelly said KFNA is contributing $40,000 of its Neighborhood Revitalization Program money to the project for its affordable units. The unit prices in the building start at $149,000.

He said with building issues behind them, the group is hoping to gain project approval in January and start construction in spring 2006. Move-in dates are planned for spring 2007 and Kennelly said, so far, the building has 12 units reserved.

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