East Harriet, Kingfield residents work with SuperAmerica

Members of the East Harriet Farmstead Neighborhood Association (EHFNA) and the Kingfield Neighborhood Association met with SuperAmerica (SA) representatives Dec. 13 to continue a discussion about how the company’s two gas stations at West 40th Street and Lyndale Avenue South can improve their standing with neighbors.

EHFNA Chair Julia Paulsen called the meeting “very promising.” Residents from the two neighborhoods compiled a list of complaints about the two stores and discussed their concerns with store officials. Paulsen said the relationship between store representatives and the neighbors was at an all-time low before the meeting, but both sides now are willing to work together on the issue.

Neighbors said they want SuperAmerica officials to:

– Stop trucks from idling on the property;

– Clean up litter on the property and around it;

– Keep dumpsters closed to prevent animals from getting inside;

– Stop delivery vehicles from illegally parking in the bike lane on 40th Street;

– Make landscaping improvements, including removing weeds and making the property greener and more attractive;

– Shovel snow on sidewalks around the two gas stations and in front of the vacant lot on Lyndale Avenue in a timely fashion; and

– Make sure employees working alone at night are safe and do not attract crime.

Paulsen said residents felt SuperAmerica representative Chris Renz was very responsive to their concerns.

Last month’s meeting is one of many that have been held in an attempt to ease the tension between SuperAmerica and area residents. In June, SA representatives met with neighbors to discuss the company’s interest in merging the two stores into one East Harriet site, but neighbors said they needed more effort from SuperAmerica to be good neighbors and wouldn’t discuss an expansion until issues with noise and trash are resolved. In August, police held a meeting to address resident concerns about suspected drug dealing at the two gas stations.

Paulsen said neighbors plan to meet again with SA representatives in February. In March, the neighbors plan to do a walk-through of the stores with company officials, she said.