YWCA of Minneapolis gets $15,000 for Leadership Registry project

The YWCA of Minneapolis received $15,000 from the Women's Foundation of Minnesota (WFM) on Nov. 5. for its Leadership Registry project. The project strives for diversity in nonprofit boards across the metro area.

The WFM was established in 1983 and dedicates dollars to &#8220promote economic, political and social equality for women and girls.” It has given over $7 million to initiatives that meet those objectives based on five areas of social change, including assuring safety and security for women, creating economic justice for women, guaranteeing women's health and reproductive rights, expanding women's political representation, and promoting women's human rights.

The YWCA's Leadership Registry's goal is to identify and place 400 women and people of color on nonprofit boards.

Additionally, the Leadership Registry seeks to improve the atmosphere on boards by supplying training opportunities for board members, reversing prejudices such as racism and sexism.