Survey initiates plans for future industry

The city will begin surveying manufacturers and industrial land users about their needs to facilitate planning for future industry.

The Community Planning and Economic Development Committee have convened a group of researchers and contractors to conduct the Industrial Land Use and Employment Study.

Maxfield Research, 615 1st Ave. NE, will direct the survey. QSA, 6421 James Ave. S., will monitor the focus groups. Short Elliott Hendrickson, 100 N. 6th St., will examine land use and zoning issues.

Interviewers will talk to manufacturers and industrial users about their businesses. For example, they will ask about location choices, including rationales for working in Minneapolis and the company's history in the city.

They'll talk to businesses that have been in the city long term and those that moved here recently. Businesses that relocated elsewhere or are considering it will also be examined.

Additionally, researchers will find out about other changes, such as expansion or renovation of facilities. They will also ask about labor supply to learn what kind of skill level is required, how closely the business works with suppliers and vendors, and transportation issues - e.g. do they use trucks, rail, air or freight?

Steve Quam, principal of QSA, said the study would help the city expand these industries and provide what it needs for employment.

For more information, go to Community input is welcome.

Several focus groups will be convened throughout the city. No deadline for participation has been set yet. If interested, contact Steve Quam, principal of QSA at 861-2026 or [email protected].